Thursday, July 30, 2015

Where do Happy Tummies Go?

 Where do Happy Tummies Go?

Patch Cafe

I loooove Baguio. Yes, not only because it's well known to be the place "where broken hearts go", but primarily because it is the Summer Capital of the country and we go there to escape the heat and humidity here in Manila. It also offer loads of tourist spots. Little did we know that Baguio also has A LOT of itineraries for foodies (like me).

This one's my favorite! Bacon Carbonara from Cafe by the Ruins.

This time, my cousin was my tour guide, she lived in Baguio for years, so she is well versed when it comes to the foodie destinations all over Baguio. Our visit last month was a quick one, it's like we really just went there to eat, haha!

Pomodoro Pasta w/ Fried Chicken plus Fries

Visco's -- famous for their Strawberry Shortcake, is located along Session Road.

Under the Tree Book Cafe

Choco-Late de Batirol is in Camp John Hay.


50's Diner

Red Lion Pub

Strawberries and Ice Cream Filling Station, Camp John Hay

These already are a number of foodie spots, but my cousin says that there are still places that we missed. Which only proves that Baguio is where Happy Tummies go as well. Burp!

Photos taken by me, and my cousin: @rubyoutiful on Instagram


  1. Hello there, all that food looks delicious, looks like a very nice place, thanks for sharing.
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  3. These pictures made me starving:) Everything look so appetizing!


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