Friday, September 4, 2015


I will not pretend to be a fashion guru because I'm not. I can describe my style as comfy laid back and I also prefer sneakers to stilettos. Though I wear dresses when I want to.

I normally go out with a nice top, shorts or pants, and sneakers or ballet flats, because obviously, you can move freely and I can also act boyish at times with my cap on. Though I can't deny that it's fun to play dress up once in a while.

Which made me come up with this blog post about KENDALL JENNER's style.
It is said in some articles that Kendall and her younger sister Kylie is the new Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen of this generation. Kendall is more of my peg and we also have the same body type. I also like her personality, and in my opinion, she's the most beautiful in their family.

What I like about Kendall's style is that most of the time (when she's not on the runway), she's often snapped wearing jeans, and she doesn't wear heels on a regular day (she doesn't have to anyway, she's 5'10 and 1/2).

I'm also starting to love boots because of her!

She can also pull of high end pieces perfectly-- in a supermodel way that she is.

I am very much looking forward to channel my inner Kendal Jenner (whew!), and share it with you guys here and on Instagram. What do you think? Let me know on the comments section below :) Happy Weekend!

All photos courtesy of @kendall.vogue on Instagram


  1. I love her style as well.
    So chic and edgy
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  2. Kendall is like the ultimate goal: fashion, beauty and all. ugh who doesn't love her? Nice post pretty. Just followed you!

  3. on a real note, she's my inspiration for everything. perfect woman!

  4. You're right, Kedall does have fabulous style! I can see why you like it, it's laid back yet she makes it look so good. I'll be following your instagram from now on, hope you will follow me there as well. Have a great rest of the week!


  5. That is true, indeed! I've followed you back on IG :)
    Thank you! :))

  6. Her style is great but I do wish my body was that svelte so I too, could pull off outfits like this!