Saturday, October 31, 2015

CONCERT THROWBACK: One Direction's OTRA Tour Manila 2015

Okay, 1D just ended their On The Road Again Tour yesterday in the UK, and most Directioners have that *feels* because the boys will be having their year long break next year.
So here's a little throwback on the Manila leg of OTRA tour earlier this year, March 22, 2015.

This was the first concert I've seen live, and luckily I was able to purchase a VIP ticket!
When ticket selling was initially announced on social media, I cannot believe my eyes because it was 10 months prior to the day of the show and it's really happening! Yes, I was one of the thousands who lined up in MOA Arena and waited for hours just to secure myself a seat! Haha! At that time, we were told that VIP and Diamond tickets were already sold out, and a lot of fans had been complaining. Fortunately, after a few weeks they announced that there will be a 2nd day show.

At the day of the show, because it's raining I arrived a bit late, and the front act (DJ Kc) was already performing. To my surprise, upon entering the venue I was told that umbrellas were not allowed and that we have to wear a raincoat instead (though they ran out of stock). So yes, most of us were soaked in the rain, another first time for me. But I had the best night to date. This was their first show when Zayn left, and I was half a heart at first without him, but when the boys came out and started the show, it was priceless. I understood the hysteria of everybody else.

The girl in front of me was asking Niall for his guitar pick

I didn't get that much photos of Harry because he kept on jumping around, so here's a video of the boys instead, performing Midnight Memories.

The highlights of the show:
* when Liam tried to read the Filipino word "nakakapagpabagabag", nice try, Liam!
* Liam was teasing the McDonald's stall to send him some nuggets
* a burger was thrown to Louis and he ate it in the middle of the show! Haha!
* Harry defending that vegetables (broccoli) should be eaten instead
* fireworks at the end of the show

It took me probably a week or two to get over my PCD.
As I've said months ago, it might sound crazy, cheesy, or non-sense for some, I love these boys and I will still support 1D whatever decisions or plans they'll make in their lives, no matter how difficult it could be, so long as they stay genuine & true to their selves and bring smiles to people around the world.
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