Saturday, May 21, 2016


Above photos were taken by me from my iPod at Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hills

Hello, how are you?
My new post's title says it all, I have been from hiatus on blogger and some social sites for quite some time in the past months, and might be continuing because of hectic schedule. Wow.

Honestly, for the last 6 months or so, I have dealt with depression and a whole lot of personal dilemmas. Thankfully, I am now learning to get back up slowly but surely, of course with the help of my family and friends, the people who truly cares and loves me.
I can say pretty much that I have learned a lot with these experiences and hopefully know better when life would throw stones at me again. Phew.
I learned to appreciate my friends more, some of them has even more worse scenario than mine, still they are just one call away and will always have my back no matter what.
My cousins whom I've spent a lot of 'Hugot Days' with,
my parents who always give advises since they've been here and done that, and still are experiencing roadblocks on their own.
I should also learn to be less of a drama queen,
and that it's okay to not know the answer to the "why's'' all the time.
Last but not the least, trust God and leave everything to Him,
and still praying for Him to lead me where I should be.

And like what they say, when it rains, it pours.
Just last month, I was really happy and blessed to finally be back on the corporate world,
and work with another bank. This really helped lighten up my mood and start to bring back the old me, whom I thought will be long gone. ^_^
That's what keeps me occupied on weekdays,
and I find time for myself and my loved ones on weekends.
I'm just living life day to day and try not to overthink at times. (But  still do, haha)
I have also cut my hair the shortest it has ever been, and I liked it :)

Now, I am currently:

Obsessed with: Dresses,
Midi Skirts,
White Stans
Kylie Lip Kits
(though I have yet to lay my hands on them,
since they're more than double the price here in PH)

Craving for: Mint Choco Chip Ice Cream

Girl Crushing On: Sara Sampaio, Taylor Hill

IG Stalking: Camille Co, Verniece Enciso, The Good Quote, Kylie Cosmetics

Missing: the BEACH and VITAMIN SEA!
(no beach getaway this summer -_-)
also missed cooking pasta dishes -_-

Planning to: Travel at least twice this year



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  2. So sorry that you had depression and great to hear that you feel better now.
    Beautiful pictures!:)


  3. Replies
    1. awww sorry to hear that, hope you'll feel better soon. thank you Alyssa :)