Monday, January 30, 2017


Whew! Time really flies so fast.
Now we're done with the first month of the year.

I am still feeling beyond blessed to even have this blog,
sharing my thoughts and experiences,
and appreciating everything that I have now.

It's now half an hour past midnight,
and I still have to go to work tomorrow,
but I want to make a pledge to post at least once a month,
and share the highlights of that month.

So here we go :)

For January, aside from my job that has shifting schedule,
on one rare occasion,
my workmates and I managed to eat out after our shifts (some waited for hours)
 at Mangan Restaurant in Glorietta,
a fine dining Filipino Cuisine.
I would definitely go back to that place because the food is soooo YUMMY.
Delicioso. And I can't wait!

Also, pictured above is Bukal Falls.
Now this is the highlight of the month, I would say,
because this is the first travel slash adventure for the year,
this is also the first time I tried trekking,
(phew! I don't think I'll do something like that again LOL!)

It really is one of nature's beauty,
I was in awe when we finally saw the falls
after an hour of trekking.
All of us barely had enough sleep, and it was raining that Sunday,
so we trekked on slippery side of Mt. Banahaw in Majayjay, Laguna.
It is indeed an unforgettable experience,
(given the body ache that I got the day after that)
a lot of firsts, we also had challenges retrieving the corrupted files
on my camera (mind you, we only used mine for the entire trip),
we had unwinding and bonding moments,
I would never ever forget the ICE COLD water of the falls
and still we conquered and survived!

To more adventures in the coming months!


photos taken using Supremo Action Camera

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