Sunday, December 13, 2015

Must Have Masks

I was not really a huge fan of face masks before, I just tried like a month ago
because my skin is soo stressed and breaking out like never before,
I thought masks would help, and it actually did!
I am using Etude House's face masks and the best ones I've tried so far is their
Acai Berry and Aloe.
It worked for my skin type and it kind of lessen the swelling of the acne. (I know!)
Each of their mask has a specific effect on the skin.
I would put it on my face for 15-20 minutes (sometimes I would wait for it to dry off)
and put the excess solution on my face right after.
I've also read on a beauty book that putting the masks on the fridge
for 20 minutes prior to use is better.
The good thing is, it is not that expensive, it costs only Php58 per pack.
I would def include these now on my skin regime.


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