Tuesday, December 22, 2015


This blog has been on for months, and honestly,
I've had a hard time at first thinking what the best title would be.
It started with my name, "Georgia Carlos",
then changed it to my initials, "GC",
thought it was too short for a blog title so changed it to "GC Diaries",
and then changed it again to "GC Chronicles".
Until I came upon this post on Facebook by berlin-artparasites.

It was just this time that I realized, this perfectly describes me.
I want to start doing something, at the same time,
I just want to stop and quit on everything.
I am impulsive, and spontaneous, and adventurous.
I have a lot of plans with totally no idea where to start executing it.
Long list of travel goals with nowhere to start.
It was just this year that I discover more of myself,
and it's a never ending process.
It's not always positive to be a paradox,
though I'm very much anticipating
to discover more of myself
and hoping that one day,
I'll find my own mark in this world.

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  1. Goodluck on your new blog name.
    Congrats on landing a new one.

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