Monday, November 21, 2016


Hellooooo :)
I know, it took me 4 loong months to finally update my blog again.
Feels like forever, I actually thought it might take longer because 'life' is actually happening.
Busy schedule, sometimes 6 straight days of work, then I'll just
literally have some rest on my rest day, or just go to the mall,
or eat out with family or friends, thus the reasons.

I finally have some time today to share with you
the things that I am dying to have or have been thinking to have
these past weeks, or months.
So, let's start, shall we? ^__^

I am Currently Coveting:

1. Boots
I don't exactly know what this boots are called, but I am itching to have one,
I just cant' find the same exact product whenever I go to the mall,
but HAHA I will keep on looking.

2. Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition Mini Mattes
Yup, you guessed it.I am dying to have these babies.
I was able to grab one of her birthday edition mini mattes,
and I would like to have another batch as a Christmas gift for myself!
Imagine having 6 minis, with shades Moon, Ginger, Kristen, Love Bite,
and two new shades, Angel & Vixen.
Tomorrow's the first release, I hope my supplier will be able to get one!
*finger's crossed*

3. Mini Car
LOL, this isn't really a "mini car" (again, I just don't know what they're called),
photo above is actually a Kia Picanto.
I don't know how to drive yet, but this car is what I imagine to be my first car, ever.
I know it could only fit a few number of people, but isn't it about enjoying the ride?
So let's start from here :)

4. G- Wagon Mercedes AMG
Wow, right? From the "mini car" on number three,
probably once I get comfortable, I would love to have this car.
I don't know, it just looks so cool to me when a woman drives a car this kind.

Travel is probably everyone's goal nowadays.
But for me, I have always wanted to travel the world for so long as I can remember.
Yes, it sucks that it doesn't always come cheap,
and not everyone of us could afford expensive cities.
But if there's a will, there's a way right? :)
I'll tick one of my bucket list on my 25th birthday next year. #nomatterwhat

6. FUJIFILM Camera
I'm not the best photographer,
but in the past years I have developed this passion for amazing photos of anything under the sun.
Now, I have been going back and forth to this mall near our residence for quite sometime,
just to think thoroughly on whether I'll purchase this camera or what. LOL.
It's around P28,000 with a free mini Instax camera.
I was even tempted on applying for a credit card just to avail.
But last time I checked, the camera is no longer displayed -_-

7. Ash Blonde Curled Hair
Okay, so I cut my hair short last March, and now it's growing,
I've been thinking of doing something new.
For you to achieve "ash" coloured hair, you need to get your hair bleached,
which for sure can damage your hair.
I already have bleached highlights, so when I tried to color it gray, Voila!
No, the photo above is not me, but I LOVED the result.
The color just faded right away because of strong chlorine when I went swimming with a friend.

8. A Dollar Account
I don't have a photo for this, and this is only a thought of having a dollar savings account.
The bank that I am working for right now offers this account type with an opening balance of $500,
or est less than P25,000, with 0.25% annual interest.
No, this is not a paid ad, I'm just having these thoughts from my thrifty side, haha!
So.. maybe one day, when exchange rate is not this high.

9. Selena Gomez
Don't get me wrong, Selena is not a thing that you can acquire.
I just love her speech at the AMA's earlier today!
She's just being real and showing her vulnerable side makes people love her even more.
This woman is a gem!
Indeed an inspiration :)

There you have it! My coveted possessions for November 2016.
Feel free to share your thoughts below.


*Photos from Google and Instagram

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