Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Jenner Sisters

I remember myself tweeting "Can I just be a Jenner sister even for a day?" LOL.
Aside from the fact that these two are #SoBlessed with their genes and their lifestyle,
they always have a lot going on in their lives,
the other one earning a slot in the supermodel galaxy,
and the other one building a cosmetic empire.
Mind you, they are even younger than me! Haha.
Momager Kris is just as proud with the two youngest in her Klan.
Probably the reasons why it's hard to take our eyes off them.

I already had posts about these two,
Kendall as a style inspiration, and Kylie as my woman crush.
As Kendall is busier than ever because of her career as a model and blossoming photographer,
Kylie is more active in IG and Snap, oftentimes promoting her cosmetic line.
I am still just as obsessed with Kendall's style and Kylie's make up,
(hence the family drama at times) and still in the lookout for their latest moves ;)
Take a look at these:

What do you guys think?

photo grabs from Instagram

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